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We provide services to students, parents, families, teachers and agencies. These services include, but not limited to, Advocacy Support, IEP Consultation, Early Intervention Instruction, Transition Planning, Professional Development and American Sign Language Courses.

About Us

Step Up!

We provide services to students, parents, educational systems and agencies. With 25 years of experience, we have learned that once an individual feel comfortable and trusts the system, new authentic ideas and solutions can be formulated. We foster STEPPING UP and learning successful strategies and skills!

Our Services

What We Offer

Advocacy Support

Advocacy Support

We will define “advocacy” and how supporting, defending, and arguing for a cause can make one feel empowered.

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IEP Consultation

We review Individual Education Plans and partner with parents to give feedback, attend meetings, and be a member of your IEP team.

Support Services for DeafBlind Individuals

Support Services for DeafBlind individuals

We are trained Support Service Providers who have a variety of experiences in the community with DeafBlind individuals. We partner with DeafBlind people to empower them to be as independent as they can be!

Professional Development

Professional Development

Contact us for our list of Professional Development Seminars. We are able to present in ASL and English.

American Sign Language

American Sign Language courses

We provide authentic courses taught by our own Deaf staff members. Step Up LLC incorporates Deaf culture as well as time for social interactions with Deaf people in a variety of signing situations.

Educational Services

Educational Services

We educate Deaf/Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind individuals from infancy through adulthood. Reach out to us to find out more details!

What They Say

What They Say

Heather taught my school age, Hard of Hearing son for six years. When my son was diagnosed with hearing loss and needed hearing aids, I had no idea what he really needed as far as support. She was extremely supportive to our family and assisted in all areas of navigating the Evaluation/IEP process. Heather’s focus on teaching advocacy skills was a priority and my son’s success in High School is a reflection on the skills Heather taught. Heather went above and beyond to support my son and ensure he was successful both in and out of the classroom! Heather attended Audiologist appointments with us to make sure my son’s hearing aids and equipment were in sync with his school devices.. I could not have asked more from Heather. She was committed to getting to know and understand my son and as a Mom, I feel absolutely blessed Heather came into our lives when she did! I can honestly say we would have been lost without her!

Kristin Scobo

Heather has been my assigned SSP for nearly 2 years. We work on a variety of projects together and she has offered many suggestions that help me in my daily activities. I feel more confident and I appreciate her support to facilitate my independent living.

I look forward to out time together and wish everyone could have a “Heather” to assist them.

Sandra Mugridge

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